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Greg Huber Offers Public Lectures
Over a period of nearly 35 years Greg Huber of Eastern Barn Consultants has presented innumerable lectures on the natural environment and early rural barn and house architecture. Specific topics among many dozens have run the gamut from forest ecology and field identification of trees to various barn types that include those of Holland Dutch style in upstate New York to the early type ground barns of southeast Pennsylvania among other types. These public lectures have had in general excellent attendance from a few dozen to as many as 400 attendees.

Greg Huber discussing the fine points of architectural style.
Why Are Lectures Offered?
If people first attending a lecture believed that barns while often of great visual appeal do not possess much complexity of constructional expression and deep and complex ties to cultural and traditional manners of living they leave with very different viewpoints. And that is the entire point of these public presentations. It is a process to gain ever greater awareness of the manner in which and the cultural traditions under which the barns were fashioned and erected.

These lectures and public discussions often generate much enthusiasm among attendees and barn owners. Barn owners are able to return to their homestead barns with a new realization of the manner in which their barns were constructed and what they need to do in order to maintain their structural integrity and preserve as much as possible their original features. Many barn owners come to realize that they have stewardship of their prized buildings and that they act as protectors or overseers for present day and future generations.

What Audiences Attend These Lectures?
EBC offers lectures to an array of media and agencies – to local and county and state historical societies, and to local, county and state park government agencies and to other historic preservation and trade gatherings and conferences. Ideas on preservation planning and exhibits and historic interpretations of barns are offered.
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