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Penrose-Haring Report

The Penrose-Haring Homestead History was done in 2003, northern Bucks County, PA.
  Barn History Reports and Documentations
In the historic preservation field it is said that the best manner that a historic homestead building can be preserved – its style, design and construction – those precious secrets created by the consciousness of builders and rural folk of times past is to record or otherwise document a building’s many features. This statement may seem at distinct odds with the likely idea that most people have – preserve a building best with the necessary repairs to sustain its structural integrity and physical longevity – paying particular attention to the soundness of the roof and exterior stone or frame walls and foundation and interior timber framing units.
Recording is Best Means of Preservation
Unfortunately, no matter how well a structure has been either restored or renovated physical destruction can befall any building at any time for any reason. What this means is that even though enormous sums of money can be spent on a building for securing it against various calamities large or small that might end its physical life at any moment only a detailed historic documentation of it can preserve forever what its specific original appearance and construction mode were. In addition, a recording of its features is far less expensive than what almost any reconstruction project might be.

Eastern Barn Consultants (EBC) is in the forefront in the historic preservation field in documenting old barn structures. This is accomplished by the creation of Barn History Reports. These reports are detailed in that there are literally hundreds of statements that are made based on a close examination of the innumerable original features that each barn retains in its structure and architectural composition.



A warrant dated July 3rd 1734 for land of 50 acres in Alsace Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania issued to John Limebach now the Robert Miller property.

Four Big Architectural Components
The great emphasis and focus of each report in its many original elements is what EBC calls the Four Big Architectural Components – design, style, construction and fabric. It is these four fundamental aspects viewed together that offers the best insight and perception into the barn building traditions that were followed. In addition these factors viewed together can yield a date of construction to within about 10 to 15 years of the actual date of construction of a particular building. The greater the level of originality that remains in any examined barn the greater the chance exists of determining the actual date of erection of the barn

Research Findings

The following is a brief outline of the research findings of the major original architectural features seen in each barn that are found in each Barn History report:

• A physical description of each of the exterior walls including the materials used and various construction details.

• A physical description of the interior of each floor of the barn – both the top and bottom floors in a two-level bank barn and the single floor in a one-level ground barn. Features include structural framing units, roof support structure, granaries, wagon or threshing floors, mow-stead walls, various interior doors and stable areas for farm stock and other features.

• A general discussion of the traditional and local building tradition or context in the environment in which the barn was constructed.

• A summary statement that focuses on the general overall condition of the barn and the level of originality that remains.

Wood species found in many of the structural timbers and other unusual features.

• A determination of the date of construction to within about 10 to 15 years of the actual date of building.

Photos supplied of many of the major exterior and interior features.

Glossary of general terms used in text of report.

• Permanent report on acid free paper in spiral bound hard covered booklet.

• Reports are based on the level of detail that a client wants incorporated into the Barn Histories. Different prices are determined after consultation with client. Reports can vary from several hundred to a few thousand words.

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