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EBC creates custom and permanent Barn History Reports specifically tailored for each client whether it is a late 18th century German style bank barn in the heartland of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, an eighteenth century Dutch style barn in the Hudson River Valley or a later 19th century English barn in New England. We combine 35 years of experience with specific on site inspections to provide accurate, enlightening permanent reports that include:

• General Descriptions of Barn Types
• Architectural Descriptions and Architectural Style Analysis, Including Construction Date.
• Alterations of Barns since Construction Time
• Wood Identification


Lerch Barn Report

The Lerch Barn Report done in 2008 with wood slice from very rare 1780 (dendro-dated) Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania English Lake District log bank barn.
  In addition, Barn Histories provides:
• National and State Register Nominations
• Restoration and Rehabilitation Consultation
• Photographic Documentation
• Historical Narratives
• Historic Site Plans
• Historic Structure Reports
• Architectural Documentation
• Building Condition Reports and Construction Analysis
• Dendrochronology Research – for Construction Dates


Eastern Barn Consultants is a tour de force of historic knowledge, offering one of the most unique services in the country. Owner Greg Huber is dedicated and knowledgeable, having published and studied extensively in the field of rural architecture since 1974. I highly recommend Eastern Barn Consultants as the ultimate journey of discovery.
— John High, the Barn Saver

First of all, good job. You have done exactly what you said you would do, and have done it well. You have provided me a platform for moving to the next investigative step.

— Roger Thorne, PResident of the Tredyffrin Historical Society

(commenting of the dendro-dating of timbers of a local log house in Chester County, PA.)

Wow, very nice report which I thank you for sending. It is very well put together and very readable and understandable. This will add very nicely to our records here in Washington County.
— Laura Walker of Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Greg's knowledge of the history of Pennsylvania German barns is extraordinary. His dedication to documenting and preserving them is exemplary. His barn reports are useful and interesting. I'm so glad we asked him to help us understand the construction and history of our barn.
— Nancy Alessi, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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