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Unique Historic and Resources Company
Eastern Barn Consultants is a unique historic and cultural resources company that has helped thousands of barn-owners, institutions and non-profits interpret, preserve and appreciate their historic barns. From rural stone and frame barns to urban style barns and carriage houses, Eastern Barn Consultants has more than 35 years of experience analyzing, studying and documenting historic barn architecture.

We create a wide range of written reports for each historic site. They include historic narratives, architectural documentations, the establishment of building construction dates, research of building styles and State and National Register Nominations.

About Greg Huber
The Eastern Barn Consultant web site is the lifelong inspiration of Greg Huber who went on to observe, record and find anew ancient barns in the eastern sections of North America. These venerable old buildings were found in out-of-the-way places and forgotten quarters of the continent. Since 1974 approximately 3,500 barns have been visited and examined to varying degrees in more than 15 eastern states and certain areas of Canada. Through these years he discovered in the barns’ timbers and their forms certain manners of building expressions and heretofore unknown secrets were revealed. Ultimately he knew these venerable old buildings needed to be revived and their story told to an envisioned enlightened public.

Greg Huber
Greg Huber


Eric Sloane

Eric Sloane speaking at the Sloane-Stanley Tool Museum in Kent, Connecticut circa 1970.


  A Chance Meeting with Eric Sloane and Publications
A chance meeting with barn author Eric Sloane in the fall of 1974 provided the original impulse so that barns would be followed and looked upon with discerning eyes. After almost 20 years of research a series of writings was done so that more than 100 articles on barns and closely related topics have been published to date (Spring 2009). The articles in sum contain the greatest collection of facts about barns by one author ever assembled in the entire world. In addition, Greg has co-authored two books – he edited the second edition of John Fitchen’s – New World Dutch Barn in 2001 and along with two other authors co-wrote – Stone Houses – Traditional Homes of Pennsylvania’s Bucks County and Brandywine Valley in 2005. More than 10,000 copies of the second book have been sold. In the 1991 to 1994 era he edited and published four volumes of the “Dutch Barn Research Journal.” It was the first journal in the world exclusively devoted to pure vernacular barn research.
Prestigious Awards
For his work on vernacular buildings he has received two prestigious awards. The first was the Alice P. Kenney Award in 1997 for outstanding contribution for furthering understanding of the Dutch-American culture and the Allen Noble Book Award in 2003 for the best edited book (The New World Dutch Barn – the Evolution, Forms and Structure of a Disappearing Icon) on an aspect of material culture in North America.

Greg Huber has given many dozens of lectures since 1976 on many phases of vernacular barns and houses and led innumerable barn tours in several states including New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Experiences Shared
All the while, the barn experiences that have been gained since the mid 1970’s has led to a commitment in communicating the experiences, insights and knowledge to those people with an abiding interest and love of old barns. Such people with deep connections to barns have increased almost exponentially in the last 15 to 20 years. Barns have been placed on the proverbial map. But the precise directions in finding and knowing the fine print of clues in discerning how the barns were constructed and under what constraints in still existing dusty old barns is the chief function and job of Eastern Barn Consultants.

Stay tuned as the Eastern Barn Consultants have more experiences to share in the coming months and years. More discoveries are made almost every day to be shared with everyone.
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